All Play and Still No Work

Hello and welcome back for another edition of the Saturday Scavenger Hunt.  This week's word was chosen by...ummm...oh yeah, me.  I decided to choose the word PLAY.  In all honesty, I did not have any real plans for this word, I just looked at the list and said, "Hmm, nobody chose PLAY, yet.  Maybe I should."  See?  Isn't that THE most fascinating thought process you have ever witnessed?  OK, I thought not. So, what did I do for a picture?  Well, there's this thing out there called karaoke, which I am not a fan of.  Usually, the music is in the wrong key, played to fast and there is no harmony for part that require it.  What's the remedy?  Don't sing karaoke....orrrrrrr....go to a place that has Live Band Karaoke.  Yes, sing with a live band on stage, and I did this past Wednesday night.

I think it's an awful picture, but here I am PLAYing on stage with a band.  The song I sang was Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance," an easy song to get through since singing talent is unnecessary.  I also sang "What I Got" by Sublime, but I came in at the halfway point.

I'm not sure I could have gotten up there had it not been for the fact that I know the bass player (Sammy, pictured on the left).  The whole band is awesome and can usually pick up any song quickly.  There you have it, have a good weekend.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, I have to tag about our resident Elmo torturerNoRegrets?  What say, ye?