Cell Me a Phone

This past Tuesday, I asked you to guess the original retail price for that high-tech, lightweight, ultra-portable (facetious enough?) phone by Motorola.  That phone, to refresh your memory, was the 1983 DynaTAC 8000X.  The original price was $3995.00, yes, about four-thousand dollars.  This seems expensive (especially since it didn't have a camera), but it was new technology for the time and the price would eventually come down to consumer levels for comparable technology.  Let's compare yesterday and today.

As I mentioned at the end of Tuesday's post, a recent announcement would push the price point higher between now and then.  Monday, at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple announced that the price of the current iPhone (the 3G) will drop $200 to $99.  Think about it, the iPhone 3G costs $100 today and it was still only $300 when it was released and was the most advanced phone for the time.  It was less than 10 times less than the DynaTAC.

Laura B. came the closest (again) with a guess of $2500.  Congratulations, Laura, you seem to do a good job guessing the closest price.  Isn't technology wonderful?