Alien's Origins, Part 3

It was April 2001 when I finally got my first domain name,  At the beginning, it was only pointing at my Angelfire account, but because of the ad banner and/or pop-up window, it frustrated me (pop-up blocking was still a long way off).  So I broke down and joined my first web hosting company.  It was a whopping 100MB account with all sorts of good stuff that I didn't know how to use.  The BUZZCrew was a simple, ugly, frame-based site with a whole lot of photos.  I also didn't do much in the way of writing.  I had no knowledge PHP and MySQL or other dynamic properties of web development.  My site was fairly popular among the Cleveland area music scene, but not much further outside of that.  The BUZZCrew would soon go away in early 2003, but a few months later a new online persona would be born.

Fast forward to August 2003.  I was working as a contractor and made friends with a few familiar faces who would be known as Kloud_IX, Stress Fracture and Amorphous Blob (later renamed Golden Boy).  Golden Boy was responsible for my name at that time.  I wanted an Alien name, but couldn't think of anything.  I had been Alien Underground and Overground (I was field tech in a sewer company) and wanted something along that line.  Golden Boy thought for a moment and said, "How about Alien Coffeeground?"  I laughed for a bit, thinking it sounded a bit strange and insane, but ended up picking it (obviously).  We became The Game Board and I bought domain name.  I designed the web site and we started writing game, movie and anime reviews, but we were also doing tech commentary.  The original design was terrible and I was told so by critics.  It was then that I figured that I better start learning stuff, but I will hold onto that until next week.