Invasion of the Pod People

I mentioned that I am a listener of various podcasts.  Most of these are on the TWiT network and are entertaining and informative.  Here is my list, in order of relevance to most computer users, of the podcasts I listen to...
  • The Tech Guy--This is the podcast of Leo LaPorte's radio show on the Premiere Radio Network.  He answers listener questions about computers (both PCs and Macs), digital cameras, networking and anything else that has a chip.  There are two episodes recorded weekly on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Security Now!--Security expert Steve Gibson discusses the hazards of computers, the Internet and networks.  He does listener feedback shows after each topical show.  I recommend episodes 193 (Conficker) and 194 (Listener Feedback 65) on what could be the greatest computer threat ever.
  • Windows Weekly--Host Paul Thurrott discusses Microsoft news (lately it's been Windows 7 stuff).
  • MacBreak Weekly--There are lots of hosts for this show about all things Apple (including Mac, iPod, iPhone) and iStuff.
  • This Week in Tech--Host Leo LaPorte and a cast of others discuss tech news in a fun and entertaining way on this, the flagship show.
  • The Daily GizWiz--Mad's maddest writer, Dick DeBartolo, shares various gadgets and stuff every weekday.  This one is just plain fun.
  • Cranky Geeks--John C. Dvorak, the ultimate crank, hosts this weekly program that discusses tech news with various guests.  Another program strictly for entertainment purposes, but I'm a Dvorak fan.
There are many other podcasts in the TWiT Network, but I think these are a good jumping off point, especially the first two.  All of these are available on iTunes, the Zune Store and from the TWiT web site.  The best thing to do is just subscribe to Radio Leo and get all of the shows and choose from there. There are other programs on the TWiT Network that are not released as podcasts just yet, but can be seen live on TWiT.  There is another site,, that records and posts each show on the site (unauthorized, but OK'ed by the network).  One of the shows to watch there is Maxwell's House, with Ray Maxwell.  He explains some of the most complex topics in a way that's easy to understand and he talks TO his audience (not at them or down to them). I hope you give some of these shows a try and learn something new.  This is what I enjoy listening to rather than watching the news or listening to crappy radio morning shows.  There are plenty of good, informative things out there, I just thought I would point some of them out to you.