And Now for Something Different

I mentioned that I was considering making some changes to the format of my blog. This was before my laptop went in for repairs. Well, it's back now and I can post from anywhere I have an Internet connection. I have been posting for quite a while, but I haven't been doing anything truly representative of who I totally am. I'm a geek. Not just when it comes to computers and video games, but when it comes to science as whole. I am interested in learning anything I can, which is why I am a complete podcast junkie. I would like to write some science posts (in plain English, of course) and maybe get into some discussions on various topics.

I have decided to start a new Top Ten list over the next ten weeks, but it's not going to be anything really popular. I am going to list my top ten favorite science minds. What a great way to reveal my geekiness. I can just hear hear the sounds of everybody letting out a grumble at one time. Don't worry, I will still be participating in the Saturday Scavenger Hunt and I will continue my Sunday Flashback story this weekend. Gardening with the Alien is also here to stay. I hope I am not going to scare too many people away, but I have to do something that I'm interested in. Thanks.