My Story From the Beginning--Intro

I've discussed in the past my online story from the beginning, but never in great detail.  So I thought I would bring you a different Sunday flashback for the next few weeks (until I tell the whole story).  The idea came out of my audio post from Friday and looking at and seeing, at least, the remnants of my old web sites.  I see how far I've come over the past 11 years since I got my first computer (I was 24 years old in 1998 when I got it) and where I'm headed.  I will look at my early days on the World Wide Web with, and (which still works today) as well at the dynamic changes in the technology and software.  I'm looking forward to getting into this flashback and I hope you enjoy it and, maybe, are even inspired to look back for yourself.  Next week will be Chapter 1, The Pre-Anything Days, which will cover the first days on the computer and my foray online before I had an identity.  I hope you will join me next week for the beginning of my story.