Freebie Friday

Alright, so I finally decided to do an audio post for the first time since I've been on the Internet.  I am also renaming my new Friday feature.  I'm hoping to do more of these in the future if you like it.  I explain partly why I did this if you listen. Gabcast! Freebie Friday #1 - AVG, IrfanView, GIMP AVG Anti-Virus, IrfanView and The GIMP. This is the first audio post I've ever done Turn down the volume a bit, I have to perfect my recording.  It's about 6 minutes long, so sit back and enjoy. The links from the episode:
  1. AVG Anti-Virus.  Here's the link to the CNet Downland site.
  2. IrfanView.  This is the link to the IrfanView site so you can check it out.
  3. The GIMP.  A lot easier to find the download here.
I hope you enjoyed hearing my voice.  Let me know if I should do this again (maybe I won't sound so nervous next time).  Have a good weekend.