The Reunion

I mentioned that I had a reunion on Monday night in my garden post yesterday.  As I have mentioned in the past, I worked for a few bands in the Cleveland area.  I ran into the guitar player from the first band I worked for, Rendezvous, on Saturday night.  Monday night, I went out to see The BUZZ Band.  It was as if I never left.  I got to catch up with Sammy Free, Buzzy J and Tommy Varga (they make up the band).  I also found out that Sammy is playing with a couple other bands including a band called Ace Molar.  Some folks in Northeastern Ohio may have heard of this band since the lead singer and front man is from Fox 8 News.  I'm going to see them this Friday at Barbarino's in Columbia Station, OH.  I will link to the band's web site if you're interested.  I will be taking my camera, so I will try to remember to post some photos over the weekend.