Do You Smell That?

OK, everybody loves a good underdog story and the Susan Boyle thing is just that story, right?  Right?  Well, I'm watching the video as I type this up and something doesn't seem right to me from the very beginning.  First off, she says she's never been given a chance to audition before, yet when she walks out on stage she does so with professional confidence.  If this is her first time on stage, she certainly didn't show it, I would think she would be a little more timid.  She starts off sort of stiff, but the way gestures while she sings shows through too much.  Now that she's done singing and before the music ends, she begin walking off the stage and the judges have to call her back.  I guess my suspicion gland is just set on oversensitive, but this whole thing reeks of day old cheese and conspiracy.  I don't believe that everything out there is conspiracy, but this one just has too much going against it.  I won't post the video here, but just type her name into Google and click on the first video link.  What do you think?  Is this a set-up?  Am I wrong for sensing it as such? *****EDIT***** OK, I was just reading some of an interview with her and here's what's in there:
  1. She's never been kissed and has never had a boyfriend.
  2. She lives alone with her cat.
  3. She's aspired to be a singer since she's 5 years old but never got the chance.
  4. Her mother died, but always encouraged her to audition for that show.
  5. Society is too quick to judge on appearances.
Oh, brother, give me a break.  This sounds like a script to a freakin' Disney movie now.  I'm sorry if I sound cynical, but all of this together sounds too contrived.  Am I jumping to conclusions a little too quickly?