OK, You Got Me

As many of you probably figured out, yesterday's post was an April Fool's Joke.  No, I am not quitting the blogging world nor am I going quit reading your blogs.  At least I got some response on this one, including some somewhat convincing comments.  This beats the first time I tried this years ago when I said I was quitting and nobody responded at all.  That worked.  So, I am here to stay, for better or for worse.  I might have something to post later, so look out for that.  Have a good day. Oh, yeah, by the way, if you highlight that post from beginning to end, you will notice my reason #5 is there, but invisible normally.  There is another bit under the post itself tell you to e-mail if you find it.  Also, notice the first tag on the list, "afd."  What could that stand for?