Now We're Cooking

I've had fun the past couple days.  Yesterday, my old boss from my previous job came over and he brought lunch for us, a bucket of chicken and cole slaw.  He had never seen my house in the two and a half years I've been here.  He also wanted to see my garden since he's an avid gardener as well (he gave me the mysterious Chinese vegetable seeds).  It was nice to catch up, but found out that things aren't going so well at the former workplace.  I keep hoping that things will improve, but it's not looking like it's happening too quickly. Today, I had my parents over for a Good Friday dinner.  I made crab cakes again (the crab was on sale, oh joy).  As with all of my meals, this one came out very well (not to brag or anything).  I used the same recipe I used the last time and fried them up in my cast iron frying pan.  Mom brought homemade cole slaw and fruit salad.  I also made hash brown potatoes.  I'm glad dinner turned out well and I'm going out to a metal show tonight because I have to get out and interact with more humans.  Have a good night.