Almost the End?

Does anybody realize it could have been the end of the world on Monday?  Yes, that's right, a meteor passed within 48,000 miles of the earth at about 8:40am Monday morning.  It was almost 115 feet wide and could have done some damage if it had entered the atmosphere.  This leads me to a question.  If you found out that there was a meteor on a collision course with the earth, and no technology exists to dispatch it before it strikes in one week (this makes doomsday inevitable), how are you going to spend that final week of existence? I would give up looking for a job, get together with as many friends and family as possible, spend all of my cash on whatever, go to Tony Packo's in Toledo for a final meal and finally kiss my ass goodbye. By the way, Trivial Tuesday is still open for answers, nobody got all ten correct.  Have a good evening.