Why is it...?

I got laid off in mid-December, I own a house and have mortgage payments and, of course, my usual utility bills.  I'm not threatened with foreclosure, I don't have credit card debt and bill collectors aren't calling me.  My bills get paid on time and I am still able to eat, but I would still like a little something to allow me to be a bit more comfortable in these trying time.  Congress passes bills to give money to companies, banks and individuals, but the only ones that get anything out of these bill are those people that made bad decisions, behaved badly or knowingly collapsed our economy.  What do us honest, hard-working, unemployed people get?  NOT A THING!  I don't even get the offer of help because in the eyes of the government, my responsible attitude toward my finances means that I don't need help.  I'd probably be in better shape if I didn't pay my mortgage or other bills, then I would get all the help I need. Sorry, I just had to rant.