In the Practice of Sciolism, I am Best

Good Saturday to all of you from me, AlienCG.  This week's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word was brought to us by the human dictionary, K_Srasra.  This week, she chose SCIOLISM.  SCIOLISM, according to Webster, is a superficial display of knowledge.  Well, I can prove that my SCIOLISM is an illusion and I'm really that intelligent. I wear glasses, this would show that I am intelligent.  No?  OK, fine. Well then, I read books by famous dead guys about heavy subjects.  That must prove I'm intelligent.  No?  Oh well, I'm out of photographs for this week.  I hope you liked this one.  Maybe the next chooser will pick a word that I don't have to look up in the dictionary before making my post.  I will have another post later today because today is big anniversary for me.  Have a good day.