There's Something Not Right

I guess this week of acting like kid is getting to me.  I'm a little freaked out being alone in the house today.  First, with the cold of the evening followed by the warmer weather of today, my house is making some funny noises.  A little later I heard a couple cats fighting next to my house, which is a freaky sound anyway, but it had me wondering what was going on.  Then I heard a funny electronic sounding noise (kind of like the old modem noise of the dial-up days).  When I picked up my phone to check it out, there was nothing, the line was dead.  I look around outside to see if maybe the tree knocked the line down, but there was nothing.  I asked the mailman if he saw anybody working on the lines, but he saw nothing.  I came back in the house and went to the phone company web site and started filling out information, but something told me to check the phone again.  Lo and behold, it worked.  I feel like I'm going crazy over here, but this is weird.  I really need a job.