Gardening with the Alien, Week 2

What a difference one week makes.  As of right now, just about everything is growing in the nursery.  The second of the mysterious Chinese veggies is growing.  All twelve spinach plants are up, all of my green onions, the bok choy, the cucumbers and some of the herbs are coming up.  The bell peppers and jalapenos are still no shows, but they normally take longer, so right now I'm on pepper watch.  I will take some more detailed photos for next week, but for now here's a look. You probably can't see much here, but there is plenty of green.  The amount of growth I'm seeing is exceeding my expectations especially after such a short time.  Of course, this is highly nutritious, lightweight soil that I'm planting in right now.  I have to get the real garden tilled up and hopefully break up more of that clay.  Have a good day.