Stuff in My Head

I found out that comment spammers are trying a new technique to get past moderation.  I noticed two new comments, one was from Churlita, the other was pending and it was from...Churlita?  The comment started out the same as her real comment, but went to say, "oops, I meant to say, great site."  I took a closer look and realized that either Churlita started a new site for rare coins or I was getting spammed.  Needless to say, that comment was quickly deleted.  Only one Churlita is permitted on my site (and I think even she would agree, one is enough).  Fellow bloggers, watch your comments  carefully and make sure that the Alien that is posting is the one and only AlienCG. I am still trying to remain optimistic while keeping one foot in reality.  I don't think things are hopeless, but it's also not going to get better overnight.  This is causing me to rethink choices previously made in my life and possibly consider a change.  I think I need to be my own catalyst since nobody else is going to do it for me.  I think I need to go back to school and figure out what direction I want to take.