Flashback to Commercialism

I'm going back a little bit in time to inspire myself to do another commercial surfing post.
May 29, 2008 10:39 PM Commercial Surfing Home Here are some of the commercials that have gotten my attention lately. You may have seen all of them. 1. GoldKit, GoldPaq, Things We Buy, etc. Do people really throw their "old" gold and Rolex watches into an envelope and send them off to a mysterious address with the promise of big money? What a great scam, maybe I can get in on it. 2. Get My Free Laptop. Just go to the site, sign up for products and services you already "need" and get a laptop, absolutely free. Wow, this sounds too good to be true and, if the advice holds true, it probably is. The truth is, you have to sign up for credit cards, buy products and service for a determined period of time. Most of these places are con artists anyway. 3. Free Second Honeymoon Trips. These commercials are usually presented by D-List celebrities like Alan Thicke. They give you a free trip and tickets to a Vegas show on the Strip. It's restricted to couples only. It says nothing about it being a sales pitch, so it must be a real deal. No, wait, common sense dictates that it must be a high pressure sales trip. That's what I've got tonight. Let me apologize for this now. Have a good evening.
I'm working on getting a new one done with such memorable characters as Bille Mayes, Antony Sullivan and Vince.  Stay tuned.