Repairs, Repairs

I took my car to my trusted mechanic today and he informed me that I did need front brakes and that my (now) rear tires are worn, but they could do them instead of the place I went to on Friday.  I also remembered that I needed an oil change as well.  I have new oil, new brakes, new wiper blades and tomorrow I will have two new tires.  I figured I had little choice but to get the work done.  I also figured since the weather was nice enough I would follow Dad's lead and wash my car just to get the salt off of it. Yesterday, I went to Stress Fracture's house for a Super Bowl party.  The game started out secondary to the friends and the food, but it turned out to be one of the most entertaining Super Bowl games I have seen.  Congratulations to the Pittburgh Steelers on their record sixth Super Bowl victory.  I'm thinking James Harrison is probably still out of breath after that 100-yard interception return. I figured out that I am suffering from cabin fever.  No big deal, right?  Well, it wouldn't be normally, but you must remember, Cleveland is my cabin.  In order for me to find the cure, I have to leave town, not just go to the mall.  I want to get out of here, go for a ride somewhere like maybe...Toledo.  Yes, I have the craving for a Tony Packo's hot dog or three.  Anyone in?