Silly Stupid-stitions?

Many years ago I was told that if I found a penny tail-side up, it would bring me good luck.  I picked up every penny I saw, but only if Honest Abe wasn't staring at me.  It seemed to work, I picked up a penny with tails showing and something good would happen.  One of my resumes made into the right hands and I was called less than 24-hours after finding a tails up penny.  Amazing.  I mean, good stuff happened otherwise, but it seemed like if I found a penny lying there as such, I would definitely have good luck.  One day, without thinking, I picked up a penny from the sidewalk and didn't realize that it was lying heads up until it was too late.  I knew for sure that something bad would happen, it was inevitable.  Sure enough, as I drove to a friend's house that evening, I was pulled over for speeding on a road that I had always driven down at the same speed.  Obviously, that penny that I found and picked up was bad luck.  Or was it?

I would find out only a couple years later that I had been wrongly informed the whole time.  According to silly superstition, it was the penny tail-side up that is bad luck if you pick it up.  So, what happened?  I have thought about these superstitions for a while and have wanted to talk about them.  Notice that this superstition has nothing to do with penny or its configuration on the ground, but how my mind perceived it.