My Musical Memories

OK, I'm back after taking a weekend off and this week I continue my look at The Buzz Band.  Tommy V. departed the band in mid-99, the band did not have a regular drummer.  Thus began the Spinal Tap phase of their existence.  I have plenty of photos of plenty of drummers, but there were four regulars in the rotation.  I wish I had photos from the Put-in-Bay gig where Sammy played the drum for the final set of the night.  Most of the players were quite versatile and could fill in anywhere.  So, here's a look at the four regulars who took over the drumming duties.

Ernie M.  He played with a swing band and with The Buzz Band.  He was one of the most frequent drummers.

Sammy R. is an all-around virtuoso.  He could play any instrument, but seemed to prefer the drums.  He was also one hell of a vocalist.

Tim G. is the percussion player for the Pink Floyd tribute band, Wish You Were Here.

Tommy Dobeck.  Many older Clevelanders will recognize Tommy from the Michael Stanley Band.  He is an excellent drummer, and no, he's not a bartender, but it is a favorite photo of mine.

I hope you enjoyed this look at the Spinal Tap era, but all of these guys are still alive.  Next week, I am going to look back at some of the special guests.  I also have the jam night photos, the Stampers Christmas Jam and plenty of other photos.  Have a good day.