X-Files Countdown, #7 and #6

Don't forget, there's still a Trivial Tuesday to take a shot at...

This week, I take a look at two second season episodes that are quite opposite of one another.  They were also aired one week after another.  Let's get on with it.

#7--2x20 Humbug
Two words: Circus Freaks.  I wanted to end my review right there, it's a good enough reason to put it at #7 in the countdown.  "Humbug" refers to Barnum's BS exhibits, specifically the Fiji Mermaid, a mummified monkey with a fish tail sewn on it.  This episode follows a series murders surrounding a group of sideshow performers including the Alligator Man.  This is a fun episode with an uncharacteristic Agent Scully having a little fun of her own.

#6--2x19 Død Kalm
The agents investigate a peculiar case on the high seas when the crew of a Navy ship turns up dead of old age.  They end up on the ship and begin aging at an accelerated rate.  I like this one because it's creepy and has some of the best special effects makeup to age the agents.  There's not a lot of the usual witty banter, but there are a few moments.  It's a very dark episode.

Five episodes left.  I have heard some of you let me know your favorites and I like them all.  I already know my whole countdown and next week looks really good.  I will also try to get it done on time.