The X-Files Countdown, #1 and done.

This is it.  The final week of the "X-Files Standalone Episode Countdown" and my favorite episode of all time.  It may not be everyone's favorite, but it stands as one of those truly well-done episodes with the classic X-Files vibe.  So, enough lead-up, let's get to it.

#1. 3x20 Jose Chung's "From Outer Space
I know how crazy this is going to sound, but this is a freakin' classic episode about an alien abduction.  Charles Nelson Reilly plays Jose Chung, an author writing a "non-fiction, science fiction" book.  Basically, it's a non-typical stereotypical alien abduction story with a lot of fun twists and turns plenty of chuckles throughout.  The scene with the detective censoring himself is excellent.  It also features a former wrestler-turned-governor and a game show host as men in black.  This episode contains one of the greatest cast of characters and an alien autopsy...hosted by the Stupendous Yappi.

And there it is.  I cannot say it enough, I have enjoyed this countdown and I really enjoyed going back and watching these classic episodes.  I may do periodic X-Files episode posts just to keep it going.  Now I need a new countdown idea to fill our Wednesdays with fun, knowledge and entertainment.  I'm glad you enjoyed this one, have a good day.