X-Files Countdown, #3 and #2

This is the almost the end of the X-Files countdown and this week is #3 and #2.  This week I am watching two contrasting episodes.  One is a comic book-based episode, the other is a flashback episode of one of the most compelling characters. 

#3--4x07 Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

This episode follows the life of the Cigarette Smoking Man from his early days in the army to his life with the secret government organization.  It contains a lot of revisionist history for the sake of the episode.  CSM has his own witty banter during this episode, including a take on a popular movie line.  I like this episode because of the way it shows CSM as being the most dangerous man alive.  While it deals with some serious moments in our history, it's also fictional enough that nobody would believe it.  It also has a great scene of the secret organization planning out the world's events.

#2--5x06 The Post-Modern Prometheus
The was the "fumigation tent" episode that Ananda Girl mentioned when I first proposed this countdown.  This is considered by many, including the creator, Chris Carter, to be the all-time favorite episode.  The agents investigate a woman who claims that an intruder broke in and three days later she woke up pregnant despite a tubal ligation.  It's the only X-Files episode to be filmed in black & white and is a really fun story about a comic book character, The Great Mutato, come to life.  It guest stars John O'Hurley and was originally supposed to feature Cher in a cameo.  Basically, this episode is a mashup of Frankenstein and Mask (hence, the Cher reference).

I found out after watching both episodes that Chris Owens was both the young Cigarette Smoking Man and The Great Mutato in "Post-Modern Prometheus".  Well, we are down to only one left.  What will it be?  Some ultra-spooky alien-infested episode?  A lighthearted episode with plenty of quips?  You will just have to stay tuned to this blog to find out.