If You Don't Understand...

I mentioned on either Facebook or Twitter a while that we need a real science and technology news network in this country.  Listening to common talking heads try to discuss a NASA launch or the significance of of water on the moon is laughable at best.  They try to sound like experts on science, but turn out sounding like absolute morons.  Let's look at both of these examples...

The Ares I-X Test Launch
The launch was delayed on many occasions because of cloud cover or an excess of static electricity in the air.  The severely under-informed talking head was laughing that, "They really have to fix this rocket if static electricity can bring it down."  My reaction was a roll of the eyes and deep sigh and, I believe, the words "Oh Brother" were uttered.  The delays couldn't possibly have anything to do with the more than 700 sensors attached to the rocket that NASA engineers would be monitoring throughout the test flight.

Water Found on the Moon
We know that most likely there is no life on the moon.  There will not be a revolution conducted by moon men.  This discovery shows that water is not as rare as we once thought.  The significance of this discovery is that the idea of a lunar outpost is now a little more possible because it would mean that water would not have to be transported.  No, we're not setting up camp tomorrow, but it does put it a little further within reach.  This could also lead to an unmanned moon mission to test the water and possibly even return some to earth for in-depth testing.

Please, let's work to keep the mainstream media away from science stories.  They simply confuse the general public and make them sound like idiots when they try to talk about what they heard.  Let's inform the public with real information instead of saying what gets ratings.