That Reminds Me

Yesterday's Musical Memories post made me realize that I have not looked at my old camera in quite a while.  Once I checked it out, I decided to share the pictures I took and show you the camera that helped me live my lavish lifestyle for so long.  OK, my lifestyle wasn't lavish, but it was fun and I did take a lot of pictures.  So, here it is, my Sony Digital Mavica FD73 camera.

Yes, the FD in FD73 stands for Floppy Disk.  The pictures that came out were 640x480 resolution and I could fit a whole 20 to 25 pictures on a diskette.  This camera was also pretty large compared to newer point-and-shoot cameras. As you could tell from yesterday's post, the pictures weren't the greatest quality, but they worked for my purposes.  There you have it, a technology memory.