The Write Stuff

I'm a little disappointed that I have allowed NaNoWriMo to get in the way of my blogging, but I am on a mission.  I am about to cross the halfway point tonight (25,000 words) and I am quite proud of myself.  I did some checking and found out that The Time Machine by HG Wells was only a little over 33,000 words, so I'm going beyond that.  According to Wikipedia, Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is about 50,000 words in length.  That's what I'm working toward, but I doubt my creation will be as captivating as that book.

I am having fun with this project and write-ins are great.  We get together at the Panera Bread not too far from me on Thursdays and a different library each Saturday through the month to get together and write.  I know it seems counter-productive to try to write in a group, but it helps when ideas are fleeting at best.  It helps to just stop, talk to people, get some ideas and continue on writing.  I am getting a lot out of this myself.  I am learning to keep moving forward instead of going back and second guessing myself.  I am sorry about the lower quality posts lately, but I will be continuing the countdown tomorrow morning.