New Countdown Coming

Next Wednesday will officially begin a new countdown.  What is the topic for this one?  Well, I asked for suggestions last week and got a few good ones, but one stood out.  Laura B. mentioned doing an X-Files countdown, but I have to modify that slightly.  If I did a straight countdown, it would end up being about 75 episodes long...a little unreasonable.  So, I am eliminating the entire core of the X-Files series, the conspiracy theory part.  This countdown is going to be my 13 favorite standalone episodes of the X-Files. Starting next week I will rank and review 2 episodes per week (#1 will be all alone).  I am truly looking forward to this one.  I do have an episode to discuss this week, sort of an Honorable Mention.

Honorable Mention
Season 4, Episode 3

This is considered one of the most controversial episodes of the X-Files because of the subject matter.  A badly deformed baby is found in a field in a small town in Pennsylvania.  The agents are called in because of the bizarre nature of the crime.  A family, with roots in town since the civil war, is suspected.

"Home" contains everything I like about the whole series.  While the crime and the characters involved are totally creepy, the dry wit of Mulder and the ironic nature of the writing make it bearable to watch.  If the various bits of humor weren't there, it would be too heavy and too frightening to stand.  It's a great episode, but it does not officially qualify in my top thirteen.  This is just a taste of what to expect.

So, next week we will officially kick this countdown off.  I have my whole list, but it's not ranked yet, so I have to start watching them.  I am also trying to figure out an interactive countdown idea for the future.  Feel free to suggest something.