The Interactivity Principle

I talked about the ownership principle a while back ("Nine-Tenths of the Law", Aug. 21, 2009) and how blogging was the only communication method that seemed to allow ownership of one's intellectual property.  MySpace, Facebook and Twitter simply let the us use their space, but don't allow us to keep anything.  This is why I see the social network platform as inferior.  Unfortunately, the blogging platform suffers its own inferiority complex, limited interactivity.

I write posts quite often (129 straight days, now), but I find myself having to remind people that older posts exist.  Once a post leaves the top of the page it seems to fall into a void.  The new post gets the attention and the rest get ignored.  The only way to really recover the attention to a great post is to link back.  This is not my only issue, however, communication is also at a minimum.

I've tried to start discussions on my blog.  I post countdowns, commentaries, rants and opinions about everyday things hoping that people will disagree, or at least see things differently and post their own suggestions.  Most of the time, people come around, read a post, leave a comment, go away and come back when there's a new post.  I keep hoping for real communication, an exchange of ideas and a difference of opinion. I've spent a while trying to open people up to communication, including a 3-part series that I reposted on my old blog.

Here are the links to the Communication Breakdown series:

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