Trivial Tuesday, SYPO Edition

Look below for today's earlier post, Follow the Rules.

SYPO is Scare Your Pants Off.  I don't like long titles.

This is a special edition of Trivial Tuesday for this week of horror, macabre and other fun.  This trivia is a list deal where you must tell me the name of the movie where each of the killers belongs. Good luck with it and whatever you do, Don't. Go. To Sleep.

  1. Pamela Voorhees--Friday the 13th (Ananda Girl)
  2. The Shape--Halloween (Manuel)
  3. Freddy Krueger--Nightmare on Elm St. (Ananda Girl)
  4. Billy Loomis--Scream (Ananda Girl)
  5. Richard Fenton
  6. Roy Burns
  7. Horace Pinker--Shocker (Manuel)
  8. John Ryder--The Hitcher (Ananda Girl)
  9. Damien Thorn--The Omen (Ananda Girl)
  10. Charles Lee Ray--Child's Play (Ananda Girl) 

There they are.  All you have to do is name all 10 movies and you win.  I threw a bad movie or two in there just for fun.  Have a good day.