Follow the Rules

I am a frequent horror movie watcher and have noticed a pattern in many of them.  The people getting chased around are normally teens and they tend to do some things that don't seem too smart.  They are, however, necessary to every horror movie plot.  What are this things?  It's time for a list, because people like lists.

  1. Make sure, when being chased, to run into a house and go upstairs. Nothing works better to get away than cornering yourself.

  2. Stand and scream. Don't run, that's the last thing you should do. Just stand there and look at the psycho killer and scream at the top of your lungs.

  3. Go after your missing friend. Surely this psycho didn't kill him/her the same way he killed the other 53 of his victims.

  4. Prove your manhood and fight the killer. Surely your brainless brawn is enough to take down this killer who withstood hundreds of bullets.

  5. Go to a place where murders have occurred every year. Because there's no way it could happen for a ninth straight year.

  6. Make sure the killer is dead.  You hit him in the head with a pillow and he dropped to the floor. There's no way he withstood the onslaught. Now, go over to make sure you got the job done. 

Care to add to the list?  Add them in the comments, we have to get away from these killers.  Have a scary day.