Reality Unnecessary

I have decided to try something new, an exercise if you will.  Starting tomorrow and periodically, I will be posting something that may not make anything that resembles sense.  A suspended reality post if you will.  It may not make sense, it may appear to be total gibberish.  What I would like you to do is not criticize it, but run with it.  Take it up like a cup of chocolate milk and fly away over a distant rainbow.  Once you see it, you will understand if you know how to remove reality.  If you read it and cry the tears of Venus while making a monkey scream, you might be okay.  I would hope you could sit with me and water buffalo of discontent and join me in a little tea.  Understanding may not escape, but it will produce queasiness.  One day, it will explain.

Allow me to reenter the realm of logic for a moment.  What I will be doing is a writing exercise of sort.  It is a kind of mental therapy for me to help me write.  Don't question what you see, just read it, accept and write whatever pops into your head.  It doesn't need to make sense.  I will be starting this tomorrow morning and will try to do this every Monday.  The second part of the first paragraph is sort of an example.