X-Files Countdown, #13 and #12

This week is the official kickoff of the X-Files Standalone Episode Countdown.  It features the only episode from the final season.  I hope you enjoy it.  I am having fun watching these episodes.

#13--9x18 Sunshine Days
This is the only episode that I picked from the 9th season.  Agents Doggett and Reyes investigate a pair of bizarre murders at a home that resembles the Brady Bunch house. While this wasn't my favorite season, this episode sticks out as exceptional.  The use of the pop culture icon of the Brady Bunch and the name, Oliver Martin make this a memorable episode.  This is also the last standalone episode in the series (the next episode is the 2-hour finale).  It also guest stars David Faustino from Married...With Children.

#12--2x03 Blood
Blood is one of those episodes that would be way to much to bear if it weren't for the humorous moments.  The electronic devices are telling the residents of a small town to kill.  I think I like this one because it reminds me of the B-movie, They Live.  It also has an appearance by The Lone Gunman, the three conspiracy theorists who help out Agent Mulder.  Look for them to come up throughout this countdown.

There you go.  I think were off to a great start and it only gets better from here.  Unlike the other countdowns I've done, these episodes are already ranked.  Next week, an early classic and a technological tale.  I hope you'll come back.