Gone Too Far?

Do you have inadequate...eyelashes!?  Well, there's a prescription for that.  Don't believe me?  Here, watch the freakin' video and we'll discuss this.

Not-enough-eyelashes is a medical condition now and there is a drug for it.  I think the pharmaceutical companies have finally cracked completely.  Before you even consider this wonder-drug for the 21st century vanity, consider that you may end up looking like a raccoon.  Also, to paraphrase a bad 70's song, I'm gonna make my blue eyes brown.  Yes, it can change the color of your eyes from light colored to brown.

My favorite line, "We think the risks are not worth it for most people."  How about, "...for all people."  Once again, our wonderful pharmaceutical companies have introduced, better vanity through science.  I originally found this story on Dvorak Uncensored.