Safely in My Happy Place

I went grocery shopping yesterday evening with my mom to the usual place.  Normally we would go on Wednesday morning which is bad enough, the afternoon is even worse.  I swear, there was this conspiracy to annoy the hell out of me.  The oblivious, cell phone-talking subhuman set were out in full force.  Let me ask one simple freaking question, what did people do before cell phones?  The people that were talking were not answering emergency calls, or anything important, they were having personal conversations in the store.

We had the subhuman with the phone glued to her ear and her baby in a front harness looking like a necklace.  She was paying no attention to her necklace, but was totally into her phone conversation about preferring to be on vacation.  I almost felt like saying, "Ma'am, your baby is on fire," just to see her look down panicked.  I also thought about inserting myself into her personal conversation, just to let her know she's being annoying and others can hear her conversation.

There were others, too, like the pair of long-lost friends talking in the middle, literally, of the front of the store.  Everybody else was forced to walk around them as they continued on with their impromptu reunion.  This was just plain annoying.  People, want to have a conversation?  Finish shopping, leave and meet someplace where you can have a conversation without interrupting the rest of us who are trying to get our shopping over with.

Once again, I am on my curmudgeonly quest to try to teach people something about common courtesy. Obviously, I can't do it alone, they are still talking on the phone everywhere, texting behind the wheel, blocking the grocery store aisles and acting like everybody else is disrespecting them when other, more courteous people, say something.  I'm not asking for the impossible, hang up the phone, keep moving and pay attention to where you're going.  Have a good day.