And it Continues

I had to go shopping for some foodstuffs today, so it was off to the palace of savings and annoyance, Marc's.  While it may be difficult to navigate at times, the money one can save in the one grocery store city makes the trip worth it.  Today was Sven and Adolf's Language lessons right in front of the dairy case (hey, Sven, what's Swedish for "MOVE YOUR ASS!!!").  Eventually, I ran the gauntlet and made it out of there alive.  I headed home on the highway to make the drive a little easier and that's when it happened.  My car started shaking like crazy.  I emptied the groceries and ran out to find somebody to look at my car. My first stop was my regular mechanic, but they don't do tire balancing and rotations, but they recommended a place.  I got there, but they were too busy to even look at my car.  I then went to the place where I used to always get tires, but they had a new name, but I figured since the building was equipped, they had to still do tires.  No such luck.  They recommended another place (for those keeping score, this is #4).  I got this place, not too far from home and managed to have my car looked at.  I figured a quick balance or rotation and I would be on my way.  Did I mention I have been having a bad day?  For the past month and half?  How about two new tires?  Yes, but that's not all.  How about brake pads?  Yup, but wait, there's more.  Rotors?  You know it.  I am getting the brakes done on Monday, the tires, I don't know yet, but they'll have to get done soon.  So there you have it.  Maybe one of these days I'll have some good news to report.