I fianlly managed to escape my driveway today after getting plowed in by the city trucks yesterday.  I took a drive over to mom amd dad's house for a little while and then decided to go out and grab some lunch for myself.  As I'm driving down my parent's semi-plowed street, a car driving down the middle of the road caused me to chicken out a swerve right....into a bank of thick and heavy snow.  There I sat, trying to rock myself out to no avail.  While this was happening, a truck slowed down and the guy inside started laughing.  How pleasant.  Thanks, asshead.  I have something special for you, a Pyrite Moron Award, it's here in front of my car tire, take a close look while I rev the engine. I finally got out of there, which I will tell you how later, and went on my way top pick up my lunch.  On my way home, down clearer streets, I got stopped at a red light by a shopping center.  The light turned green and I started rolling forward when this old lady decided to make a right-hand turn in front of traffic.  I, of course being in such a pleasant mood after being treated a sideshow freak, laid on the horn.  The lady waved me off like it was nothing, so (me being me) flipped her off, she returned the gesture.  How nice, piss me off and act like it's my fault.  I'll tell you what, here your Pyrite Moron Award, just make another right-hand turn to get it, I'll be waiting. Now it's time to switch gears and give out another two awards.  I mentioned that I did get out of the snow bank, but said I'd tell you later.  Well, it's later now.  I tried rocking the car between forward and reverse and tried putting into second and third gear to generate enough torque to free myself, no good.  I noticed a couple in their driveway, the girl walked down to tell me that her boyfriend went to get the shovel to help me out.  She said they had the same problem yesterday.  So, after a lot of digging and rocking and shifting and kicking up a lot of snow, my car finally broke free.  Unfortunately, I did not want to stop since I didn't want to end up back in the same situation ( I will try to properly thank them when the weather improves).  So, how does this story lead to an award?  I finally decided that there are some people out there that deserve some recognition for doing good things.  I hereby give my new Golden Alien Award to this nice couple for being helpful and friendly.  You've earned it.