My Last Ditch Effort

I mentioned last week that I have nothing to write about except for my unemployment.  I'm uninspired.  There are plenty of subjects for me to write and/or opine about, but I'm unsure what will attract readers and what will send them running away screaming.  So, I was thinking about a new idea that might help me post regularly and allow the posts to be readable by most.  What is it?  Let you, my loyal readers, choose what I write about.  Now, I don't want any stock interview questions like, favorite color, greatest influence, favorite Roman emperor, etc.  I would like questions that allow me to think and tap into my mind.  So, what subjects are open to discussion?  Anything you want.  Politics, technology, visions of the future, current events, the economy (although it may run back to my unemployment), food, anything you want.  This isn't about feeding my ego, it's not about gauging my readers, it's simply about getting me to write again.  The questions should be broad enough to allow for a few paragraphs, but specific enough to not require an eight-page dissertation.  Of course, some questions may branch off and allow for follow-ups which is what I would really like.  Some answers may have to be stretched out over a couple posts. So, please feel free to e-mail your questions to me:  aliencg (AT) I will answer in a timely manner and I reserve the right to combine questions if possible.  I hope this works out because I'm tapped.  If it doesn't work out, I may only be posting my Saturday Scavenger Shots until I can start gardening again.