Staring...just Staring

You've probably noticed that my posting frequency has taken serious hit of late.  That's because being unemployed gives me nothing much to write about the moment.  I could write about being out of work and bored, but that will simply be called, "The Road to My Personal Insanity."  If it were later in the year I would be able to update everyone on my garden, go for a nice walk and take pictures along the way or just comment on the beautiful weather.  Maybe I'll give it try today to see how it works this time of year. How's my garden doing? It's covered in a whole lot of disgusting snow, so there's nothing growing. Did I go on a walk today? No, I do not own a pair of snowshoes and don't much care for hypothermia. How's the weather? It sucks. See, it doesn't work that well this time of year.  So, it looks as if my work life, personal life and online life have all converged at the same crossroads.  My creative juices seem to have evaporated.  So that's what I've been up to.