Damn the Single Digits

I'm in the middle of a web site project right now, so I have not been posting very often.  I made some huge strides today and am waiting to get a response.  There's plenty left to do, but so far it's looking pretty good.  This is not a personal web site, but for the school I was helping out at over Christmas break.  So that is why I have not been posting, and that excuse beats, "My dog ate my computer." I'm pretty certain a few of my neighbor think I am certifiably insane.  The temperature was in the single digits most of the day, it's snowing and there's snow on my driveway.  So, what did I make myself for dinner?  Hamburgers and baby zucchini....grilled....outside....on my grill.  The guy across the street was shoveling snow, I was grilling in a hoodie with a jacket on over it, knit cap and boots.  Guess what?  I don't care what anybody thought.  Show me the book with the rule that states that I may not grill outdoors whenever the hell I damn well please. By the way, if you like squash (or baby zucchini) then you need to grill it.  Just cut each squash in half the long way, put the pieces in a bag and add olive oil and herbs and spices (I use a garlic and herb blend).  Let it sit in the fridge for an hour or more and then take it to the grill.  Grill it until it can be squeezed a bit with the grill tongs.  Eat and enjoy.