It's Been Two Years

This week's Planet Flashback falls one day past a great anniversary.  I'm just going to let the flashback post do the talking about this one.
September 6, 2006 8:49 PM OWNED!!! Between Homes I got the call at about 12:30pm. My realtor was the first to congratulate me as the title was cleared and transferred. I got my keys at about 5:00pm and was on my way over to check it out and soak in the feeling. It feels good to know that I am now a homeowner. I took over my first two boxes of kitchen stuff and cleaning supplies. I will write more later, I'm just in a euphoric state right now.
Yes, it was two years ago that I received the keys to Casa de Alien.  Thanks for joining me for this trip down memory lane.  Tomorrow is part two of my Communication Breakdown series, so stay tuned.