The Week in Review

OK, so I have been pretty tght-lipped about my activities during the past week.  No, wait, I'm not being secretive, my weekly activities aren't that exciting.  This week was no exception.

Saturday:  I went to a graduation party for a coworker on the east side.  It took me about 45 minutes to get out there.  It was a good time although I felt a little bit out of place (I was the only white person there), but everybody was very welcoming.

Sunday:  I went to another party.  This one was slightly closer, like walk out the side door, down the driveway, across neighbor's grass and up their driveway.  It was their daughter's birthday and they were having a big ol' shindig.

Monday: Labor Day.  I went to Mom and Dad's for dinner.  Evil-E and Renee came over and it was a good, relaxing day.

Tuesday:  Vacation day because I wanted a four-day weekend.  I decided to visit our local Whole Foods Market with Mom.  They have a really nice produce department and some different items in the aisles. They also have some really good guacamole.  I picked up some baby bok choi and made a very good stir fry with some steak that Mom gave me on Monday.  Here's the result:

Wednesday:  The weekend had to finally end for me.  I went back to work and had to prepare for a trip. Luckily, because of some possible problems, the software guy decided he was going to go with me.  So that sets me up for....

Thursday:  I took a trip, as mentioned above, with the software guy to Erie, PA.  We got the work done and I ended up getting home late.

Friday:  I went to work, did stuff came home.  I had a fish fry for dinner before I did some grocery shopping.  I found out what's worse than an old man driving, it an old man driving a 1970's station wagon.  What's even worse?  He was on a cell phone and driving about 20 MPH on a major thoroughfare.  I finally made it to the store and it was annoying as usual.  Finally, on the way home I was behind a police officer.  At first it looked like he was going to run the red light at the highway entry ramp, but he didn't.  Then it looked like he was going to turn right on red on the exit ramp (the sign used to say "except curb lane").  He waited until the light changed.  Will miracles never cease?

So there it is, my week. Now wake up.