Swamp Things

So, it's time for a memory download, which is my first since I signed up with WordPress.  This will only hurt a little.
  1. My site is now accessible through my domain name, aliencg.com.  You need not use it, but it's there if you feel like using it.  Evil-E's blog is also accessible through esb138.aliencg.com, but again, you need not use it.
  2. The first Presidential Debate is on tonight.  I'm not watching it.
  3. I have a trip coming up next week, but I don't know where or when.  I'll fill you in when I know something.
  4. The weather has been a lot cooler at night, so I don't want to get out of bed in the morning.
  5. I have the tiller at my house so I can start working for next year's garden.  This is very important.
  6. I just realized that this post keeps my streak going.
  7. I am now at the 26 week mark.  It has been 6 months since I quit smoking and I feel good.
Thanks for letting me download.  I'll have my ONE pictures tomorrow.