Looking Way Back for #8

1982's Pitfall, by Activision and created by David Crane, is often thought of as the original platform game.  Pitfall 2 went further down underground, but the original had more screens, more treasure and was harder to beat.  Pitfall followed the adventures of Pitfall Harry who was on the hunt for gold, silver, diamonds and bags of money.  The dangers include crocs, scorpions, water holes and tar pits. Pitfall used the maximum amount space on the cartridge with 255 total screens (that was a lot back in the day).  There was also a 20 minute time limit in which to find every treasure.  Pitfall 2 was a little less free form and you only had one life (you are transported to the last red arrow you touched.  These are both fun games and both are the intro to a long legacy of games, some of which will appear later on in this countdown.