Communication Breakdown, Epilogue

I mentioned previously that I enjoyed writing the Communication Breakdown series.  I liked it so much, that I finally decided to write the epilogue.  This comes out of a comment from the first part and got me thinking even more about the importance of communication.

What Can We Do?

I received a comment after re-posting Communication Breakdown, Part 1 that made me think.  It referred to the fact that maybe people have always talked to drown out the rest of humanity and the Internet simply made this idea more noticeable.  I think she may have been on to something.  So I have a simple question, "Why are we never formally taught how to listen?"

I believe that schools need to start teaching listening and conversation from the earliest years of education.  These skills would definitely help make the world of the future a better place.  Right now, not too many people are communicating with each other.  As I discussed in part one, so many people are talking that nobody wants to stop and listen.  We are born with the sense of hearing.  This simply means that our ears have the ability to sense noises around us.  It's just simply been assumed that because we can hear people talking then we must be listening.

It's still important, of course, to teach reading writing, spelling and grammar (as well as math and science, but that's another essay) because when we're not face to face, we need to communicate somehow.  Writing is still an important means of communication, but we need to be able convey our thoughts clearly.  Improper spelling and grammar could cause miscommunication and then cause arguments.  It's also important to write thoughts out on paper and think about those words as they're written.  It's more personal, more courteous and more expressive.  There are other ways to be courteous and they involve one certain piece of technology.

Nothing has ever made the human race seem more rude than ever before than the cell phone.  Prior to this amazing piece of technology, people had to stay home or had to remain in one place inorder to talk to people on the phone.  Unfortunately, this technology has made it acceptable to be rude toward others.  I don't want to go on and on about cell phones, I've done it enough already.  Just try hanging up once in a while.

I enjoyed writing this series, which is why I wrote the ending.  Communication is important for the survival of humanity.  We need to learn to listen and speak to one another, write clearly and be more courteous.  Right now, we as humans are more divided than I can recall in my life.

There we have it.  After about three years I have finally summed up one of my more ambitious essays.  I just hope that we can learn to communicate and be more civil to one another.  I hope you enjoyed reading this series as much I did writing it.