I'm Really Diggin' #9

This week's game, #9 on the list, is a true classic.  I pumped many a roll of quarters into this game throughout my life.  Like many games of the time, it had a very simple premise and got progressively more difficult as time went along.  You play the little white character with the blue face and have to dig through the dirt and inflate monsters to the point of explosion.  At some point, the creatures may turn into a pair of eyes and move closer to you.  You can use boulders to crush them, but you may also get crushed if you're not careful.  Admittedly, this game could get tedious in this day and age.  I never made it to the end of this one, but I had many hours of fun playing it at arcades, K-Mart and school festivals.  Of course, with one unique game, others had to come along and copy it (Mr. Do!).  This happens to be my only standalone game on the countdown.