Communication Breakdown, Part 3

This is the third and final part of my series from 2005.  This part deals with the bane of my existence, cell phones.  I hope you enjoy.

Cell-fish Humanity

Etiquette has taken a backseat to convenience with the popularity one gadget, the wireless phone. Cellular, satellite or PCS phones all have the same ability, to reach people anywhere, stay in contact with anyone and annoy everyone within earshot. People use these phones everywhere and in every situation including while driving, in restaurants and even in bars during a band's performance. I have nothing against cell phones, but I believe in the utilitarian purposes such as emergencies and business calls. The ringers can be even more annoying, especially when they are bits of a popular song or a MIDI version of a traditional song. It's sad when the only culture most people get is a classical ringtone.

Cell phones have allowed people to leave the house ill-preapred and uninformed. These phones are not supposed to be a substitute for shopping lists or the home phone. People carry on long conversations about gossip, personal problems and other such things that most others don't really want to hear. This is improper, especially in public, but those people who are talking so loudly don't seem to listen. These are also the people who have no problem making or taking a phone call while out to lunch or dinner with friends. Even worse, they don't even extend the courtesy of leaving the table. The best solution to this problem is to just turn the phone off and let the caller leave a message. A majority of phones are equipped with voice mail. Cell phones may be responsible for the decline of etiquette, but they can increase traffic accidents.

Many people use cell phones while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle which has been shown to be unsafe. A cell phone takes a hand to hold it, but it also takes a level of concentration to operate a car and an equal amount to carry on a conversation. Even the hands-free phones are unsafe because of the concentration necessary. Even when I did have a cell phone for work, I made it clear that I would not answer it or make a call while I was driving.

Most people are generally inconsiderate when it comes to cell phones. They feel that since they are carrying on a personal conversation in public, their privacy must be respected. I disagree. Private conversations should be carried on in, well, private. Public is for everybody and nobody should be subjected to some jerk's loud conversation about his/her latest bout of irregularity. Have some respect for all those people who are simply trying to mind their own business and carry on their lives.

This concludes the official introduction to my new Monday feature, Technically Speaking.  Most of what I will post will be all new.  Some of it will be helpful for making purchases, others will be warnings or rant on tech issues.  Have a good day.