Not Quite Green

Lately all the talk is about recycling and "going green."  We need cut back on anything that causes the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  We need to stop using plastic bags and plastic bottles and quit throwing so much into our landfills...hold it...stop, stop right there.

I don't want to get preachy or anything, but aren't we the ones who came up with the convenience-filled, throwaway society?  Didn't we create the plastic bag? The plastic bottle?  The plastic wrapper?  We are told not to use plastic bottles, but finding anything not in plastic bottles is virtually impossible.  We used to be able to buy soda-pop in 16 oz. glass bottles that we could take back to the store and get a deposit to put toward our next purchase.  Isn't that nice?  But that wasn't convenient.  So now we have these highly convenient plastic bottles that we can just throw away when were finished.  No longer do we have to lug those heavy and awkward eight packs of bottles around.  Of course, why do we the consumers have to take the burden?  Because the consumers don't want to have to remember to take the glass bottles back to the store with them.  People opt for the easy-to-throw-out plastic bottles.  We're responsible for our own environmental predicament because we crave convenience.  It's that simple.  Now we have to make up for past mistakes and "go green."  I sense some hypocracy in this.  Sorry, it was just a rant.