Let the Games (countdown) Begin

Starting this week and going until I hit #1, I will be counting down my favorite video games (both games and franchises) of all time.  The list is going to consist of old legacy games from the 1980s and the newest games, like this week's.  So, let's start the countdown now...

Starting off at #10 is the LEGO franchise so far.  This includes Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but most likely will include the Batman game as well.

The LEGO universe ventured into video games with one of the most creative and fun takes on the Star Wars series.  The original release only contained the new trilogy (Episodes 1-3), but would soon add the original trilogy and the completel saga.  LEGO Indiana Jones (he is also a playable character in SW:TCS) woud follow adding to the fun.

There are plenty of characters and bonuses to unlock in these games and they are fun while they last, but they do tend to be a bit short (The Complete Saga is twice as long).  The storylines remain intact, but the writers and programmers took a little artistic license and gave them a little comedy (characters fall apart when they're killed).  Look out for LEGO Batman coming in late September.  This game is very worthy of #10 because of its level of fun and surprises.  It only made it as high as #10 because the overall length of the game leaves a lot more to be desired.  They could have split each episode into more chapters or made each chapter longer (this goes for both games).  I hope they learn for Batman.