Am I Blue?

I was tagged to choose this week's word.  I decided to go with the word BLUE (this was Evil-E's sample word way back in the beginning).  When I wrote the post to give the word, I typed the word BLUE, in red.  Nobody noticed.  I did manage a couple pictures for this word though.

This is the BLUE area rug that I have in my living room. I have been thinking about replacing it in the near future.

Here's an artsy picture I took last night. I'm not behind the 8-Ball, but the 2-Ball, which just so happens to be BLUE.

There you have it, my post of BLUE things.  Of course, now I have to tag somebody, so who's that going to be? about..................a newcomer to the Scavenger Hunt.................. K_srasra, you're up.